The Adult Fitness program at EDGE creates an atmosphere in which I am continuously challenged. The varied exercises, the conversations surrounding proper eating habits, and the individualized attention by the instructors all have noy only made me feel better, stronger, and more flexible, but I have seen overall health improvements in my weight and blood work. I can’t recommend EDGE Adult Fitness enough!


I hadn’t participated in strength training in over 20 years.  And in those 20+ years, I’ve known how important it is for my health – I just wouldn’t/couldn’t join a gym and start lifting.  I knew I needed guidance and motivation.  When I read about the new Adult Fitness classes at Edge, I knew this particular methodology (small class setting) gave me the best chance of starting a program and sticking with it.  I’d heard of other gyms that offered classes, but I knew that those were too high impact.  It is amazing how much thought Travis and Joe put into the programming.  They even modified it because of my knee issues!  Joe has great patience and a wonderful attitude to deal with adults whose peak athletic days are behind them.  It has exceeded all of my expectations and I’ll continue as long as they’ll have me 😊.


The adult fitness program at The Edge is the perfect program for me and my goals. Each day the workout is tailored for me personally, and Joe is there to encourage and help me enjoy working out. Every minute is purposeful and beneficial – stretching and working out can be modified to how I feel, and the best part is the progress I feel each day and at the end of a week.


When Edge Sports Performance offered an Adult program starting in January of this year I was intrigued.  I’ve seen the results they have gotten out of the many local young athletes and told Travis I was interested in the program as a way to get back in shape, lose weight and improve my strength and balance.

The program has surpassed any expectation I could have imagined.  In the past I have struggled to consistently work out on my own and would find just about any excuse to put it off but since joining the adult program I can honestly say it is three hours a week that I always look forward to.  Joe does a great job personalizing the workout regimens and building and pacing the program to virtually any starting point and working towards an individual’s goals.  He is great with improving form and technique and you just can’t get that working out on your own.  We work hard but we have a good time too and it always feels like the hour just flies by.  I leave feeling great and looking forward to the next one.

Now starting my 6th month in the program I can already notice significant differences in how I feel.  I’ve lost some weight but more than that, daily tasks and physical activity don’t impact my body the same way.  When I started the program I had chronic lower back issues and had struggled for a couple years with lower leg soreness and already I can tell the difference there.  I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements my overall health and fitness will make going forward, but I can already tell it will be measurable.  Thanks Joe and Travis for extending your program to adults!

WNCC Baseball

The Edge Program has been amazing for our program; our guys became stronger and more explosive. We saw some guys thin down without losing weight and others make gains. If your looking to become a more powerful and explosive baseball player this is your program!! We went an entire college season without any hamstring, back , shoulder or elbow problems. That is amazing!! 31 guys and all healthy. Thank you to Travis Lindhorst for making a positive impact on our guys.

Father of Online Client, Denver, NC

Our son began training with Travis 5 months ago for baseball. Since he began the program he has already significantly reduced his 60 yard dash time and increased his velocity in all areas of the game. Travis does an excellent job of customizing his clients’ programs to meet their goals and works diligently with each of his clients on maintaining proper form to prevent injury and maximize results! Thank you The Edge and thank you Travis for helping our son take another step towards playing at the next level!

NAIA Athlete

Travis Lindhorst and his program changed my entire perspective on strength training. It exceeded my expectations as a college baseball player and has guided me into the direction of professional baseball. I am grateful to have developed the relationship I have with Travis and to have someone constantly pushing me to never settle. This program will give you the upper hand and the ability to dominate in any sport at any level. The results speak for themselves

Division II Athlete

I met Travis my sophomore year in high school. Since the day I met Travis he has been nothing but welcoming and ultimately a mentor.  He pushed me every day to be better and work as hard as I can. With Travis’s Help, I have been able to get stronger and faster than I have ever been.  Travis taught me that nothing will come easy and hard work will take you places you wouldn’t think you’d be able to go. I can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for me throughout my high school and first year of college careers.

Father/Teacher/Coach of Online Client, Syracuse, NY

Since my son has been with Travis (8 months) at The Edge Sports Performance, I can say first hand that he has gotten STRONGER! There is no comparison with other kids as compared to structure of workouts and results of said workouts. Travis’s commitment and willingness to work with athletes of all levels and his knowledge of strength training is second to none. We are SO GLAD we hooked up with Travis and The Edge Sports Performance! Hard work pays off!!!

Father of Online Client, Mount Airy, NC

My son Jackson is a 15 year old freshman left handed pitcher and has been working with Travis for the past 8 months. We were looking for an opportunity to increase his strength, specifically his baseball skill set, increasing his velocity. Travis was recommended by his coach. He set up a workout regimen targeting Jackson’s goals. At the end of the fall season, he was throwing 79-80 mph. In early January, he attended a camp at the University of Florida and hit 84 mph. During his varsity season he hit 86 mph. Jackson has faithfully kept to the provided workout schedule and has seen tremendous gains in the gym and on the field. With the help of Travis, Jackson has been able to achieve a childhood dream, play division 1 baseball. He recently committed to play baseball at North Carolina State University.