Online Training

The Edge Sports Performance online training is NOT an app. Our coaches will personally provide feedback on movement, set specific training maxes and periodically test and evaluate each athlete through video analysis and performance testing.  We offer both strength and speed training, utilizing the same in-house training methods to peak athletes for their competitive season. The program is mobile user friendly, with video instruction, percentage tracking, and performance testing. Our coaches are credentialed by nationally certified and accredited programs. Our services have been used by the Czech National Baseball team, Western Nebraska Community College, as well as numerous athletes around the country.

Speed Training

One of the most highly sought after trait for any athlete is speed. Our Speed and Agility program is second to none. Focusing on movement pattern and progression we create the most explosive and efficient change of direction necessary for sport performance.  Our Max Velocity program is designed to improve running technique to shave valuable time off your performance indicator.  Our highly trained staff will assist you with video analysis, and movement progressions to develop the speed necessary to increase your marketability as an athlete.

Sports Performance Training

Middle School and High School Performance Program

The Edge Sports Performance program has developed some of the most successful and sought after names in the triangle. The program is designed to develop the most strong, explosive, and well-conditioned athletes. We utilize the same scientifically sound research and training methods with our professional athletes only in a physically appropriate manner for our middle school and high school aged athletes. We provide periodized training programs specific to each clients’ sport, season, and individual assessment to maximize their training efficiency and sport performance.

Collegiate and Professional Performance Program

We provide specialized training for collegiate and professional athletes. We offer group or personal sessions tailored around an individual assessment, sport, season, and performance goals of each client.  Our goal is to provide you with the best opportunity to out-train and out-perform your competition at the elite level.

Adult Fitness

The Edge Adult Fitness Program is designed to provide high quality coaching to those interested in small group fitness classes. Our ability to provide personalized programs specific to your individual needs will help you look, move, and feel better. Whether your goals are to continue to compete at a high level or you’re looking to lose weight and better your general fitness, this program will provide you with the programming, coaching, and motivation necessary to achieve your goals. Our aim is to lower blood pressure, improve body composition and decrease health risk factors. Through properly programmed strength training and metabolic conditioning The Edge Adult Fitness program will facilitate an improved quality of life, fitness, and community.